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Q: How is the value of my interest derived?

  • A: We forecast future production decline rates and revenues to arrive at a fair market value.

Q: Why are our clients interested in purchasing your interest? And why now?

  • A: We often get requests to evaluate interests and we will offer the same value to other owners.

Q: Is there a fee to transfer my interest?

  • A: If you are selling your interests, our clients will pay the transfer costs.

Q: If the interest is in an Estate, how do I proceed?

  • A: We will work with you to determine the documentation necessary and will prepare all forms required by the transfer agent.

Q: I lost my royalty trust certificate(s). What now?

  • A: If you have accepted our client’s offer, we will prepare all lost certificate documents required by the transfer agent.

Q: How do we protect your privacy?

  • A: Our consultations with you are kept completely confidential. Your name and details of your interests are not released to any party.