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Towards the end of last year, our family received a call from Stacy Papp of Investors’ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. We did not know that there was a decent amount of money that was accumulating in a trust account. It had belonged to a deceased uncle of ours from many years ago. So, we decided to work with Stacy on this matter. She helped us out every step of the way in obtaining the money. She was very patient and kind in answering all of our questions, either by phone or email. I would definitely recommend working with her and the company that she represents.


Gail M.
Red Deer, Alberta

This was a shock to get a call from some one asking questions about my mother’s estate of many years ago. Stacy Papp (of Investor’s Petroleum Consulting , Calgary) assured me it was all legitimate and she would send me an email to answer some of my questions. I had many questions as we went along the trail of verifying all the data regarding my mothers investment. Over time Stacy got everything arranged and transferred to me.

Thank you for your continued efforts that got us to completion.

Raymond H.
British Columbia

Several months ago, I received a phone call from Stacy Papp of Investors Petroleum. She told me that I was to inherit a fair sum of money from an estate. I was very skeptical at first, but as our conversations progressed, I realized that this was legitimate. Stacy had certainly done her research and was well prepared to speak with me.

After very efficiently prepared paper work and about 2 months, I received the funds that were left in the estate.

Thank you Stacy for finding me. I am so happy that you were able to send me money that I didn’t know I had!

Brenda G.
Plano, Texas

The work you did to facilitate the discovery and final disposition of the royalty trusts was most appreciated. Your professionalism and responses to our questions allowed us to make an informed decision so many thanks are extended.

Marilyn T.
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Investors Petroleum Consultants (IPC) contacted an older family member several months ago. My wife, sister-in-law and myself, at the family member’s request, took over the investigation and administration of the offer made by IPC. Basically there were several Trusts that IPC was offering to buy from the estate of a family member from two generations ago. Stacy Papp, our Vancouver Island contact, did an excellent job of assisting us and answering many questions. In addition Stacy solved a couple of bureaucratic issues. With a minimal amount of running about to get the required paperwork completed we sent in all the pertinent information, documents and signatures. Our only financial outlay, under $100, was for a few notarized copies. The amount of money paid to us by IPC was as promised plus slightly more. It was in the thousands.

Our main IPC contact, Stacy, was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful with the small issues that arose.

So if you are contacted about what you thought was useless pieces of paper in a drawer we can recommend IPC to turn that into some multicoloured paper bills that are more useful!

Don B., Wendy S., Karen H.
Victoria, British Columbia

Thanks for a great job.

Everything was most helpful to myself on getting thru all the paperwork that was required by law.

I couldn’t be more happy with your service.

Ted H.
Red Deer, Alberta

It is a pleasure to comment on our recent experience with Investors’. Shortly before Christmas, 2018, I received an email from a party very close to me stating that they had been contacted by Investors’ regarding an Estate that had been fully probated over thirty years prior. I called Investors’ in Calgary and spoke with Ms. Jane Howe who instantly knew who I was from her research. She explained that the Estate apparently still owned Gross Royalty Trusts, which are investment vehicles used in the oil and gas industry. Ms. Howe confirmed that Investors’ had an offer to purchase the Trusts from a third party and that the trust company had a balance available for distribution. She also advised that Investors’ would charge a ten percent fee for their services. It sounded almost too good to be true.

I was stunned to say the least. In my working career, I had many years experience in commercial banking, the brokerage industry and as an officer of several public companies. My ‘radar’ went into high gear but throughout the entire process, which, by the way, was completely successful, Investors’ was incredibly straight-forward throughout, as well as helpful and thoughtful.

Investors’ did all the background and had secured all the details to make everything work.

The net result is that we received every penny promised. In fact, the funds in trust turned out to be slightly more than originally anticipated.

I’ve never met any of the Investors’ personnel in person but I would be pleased to at any time. That level of service in today’s world is unique.

Morley C.
Port Alberni, British Columbia

I want to thank you. I thought this might be a scam at first. Who calls someone and tells them they have money for them these days?? But, you did. Investors Petroleum Consultants is the real thing. An investment my father made in the 1940’s and was forgotten and paid off. Thank you so much.

Phil B.
Canton, Georgia

We were obviously surprised, and maybe even a little skeptical, when we were contacted about an unknown asset held by great-grandmother. But we were quickly reassured by the respectful, professional and transparent discussions that followed regarding purchase price and the reissuance of past revenues. The documentation process was challenging given the length of time (almost 45 years) since my great-grandmother had passed, but the staff at Investors’ Petroleum took care of that. We were helped throughout in a way that was attentive to detail and yet sensitive to practical concerns. And, once that process was completed, payment was prompt and as-promised. Overall, a very positive experience.

Ottawa, Ontario

When IPCL informed us of unclaimed funds to be paid out to my mother from decades ago, we were naturally a bit skeptical. Dad passed away in the early 90’s and hadn’t mentioned anything in particular about investment shares before he passed. Perhaps he forgot, or maybe he wanted to surprise us; I’d like to think he wanted it to be a surprise. After reviewing IPCL we reached back out to Stacy who walked us through every step of the process.

My experience being the liaison between my 80 year old mother and IPCL was refreshing. It was our family’s pleasure to witness the ethos of IPCL revealing itself through outstanding diligence and merit. You have fulfilled our late father’s wishes, and also put a big smile on mom’s face. Thank you from our family!

Art S.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just a note to thank you and your staff for your perseverance in dealing with my original skepticism as to royalty trusts still held in my mother’s name, and to ultimately locating me. Your patience and determination resulted in making me aware of the considerable amount which had amassed over the years; and its ultimate payment to me and my brother filled us with delight and gratitude!

Carol H.
Bancroft, Ontario

I have to admit when my brother was first contacted by IPC I was very skeptical. I did a fair amount of investigation into the company and after speaking to several persons I felt comfortable providing personal information. The transfer of deeds, information was quick and efficient. All phone calls , emails were answered promptly and professionally.
Thank-you for providing my mother with this money from the sale.

Miriam C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

We have received the money from these investments. I very much appreciate your work in making the process clear to me: your knowledge of this situation made it possible for me to receive the money from the last of my mom’s investments in a simple inexpensive manner. I would gladly recommend your services for anyone with my financial concerns.

Thomas T.
Denman Island, British Columbia

We have received the cheques for the transfer of the royalty Trust units and accumulated distributions, and wish to thank you for your efforts and assistance in handling these transactions on our behalf.

The initial call from your office a few months ago informing us that one of your clients wished to purchase Royalty Trust units bequeathed to us by a donor whose estate had long ago been settled came as quite a surprise. We were not aware of the bequest, nor did we ever receive certificates to show ownership of such units.

You took us through the various steps to transfer ownership to your client and receive the distributions which had been accumulating in the Trust for years. You clearly set out the process to follow and provided all documentation to be executed.

Everything was handled in a very professional and efficient manner and was fairly straightforward, requiring little effort on our part save for a trip to the notary’s office.

Thanks again for your valued help with all of this.

Valerie K.
St. Andrew’s Hall – Vancouver, British Columbia

Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised when your company contacted us regarding the offer to purchase royalty trusts belonging to my father. As you know, my father is 96 years old and in a seniors home for veterans. To sum things up, you and your associates were most helpful throughout the process. We also appreciated the fact that you were always available to answer questions or provide explanations when needed. There are eight children in our family so keeping everyone informed was important and you helped us do this. The funds will go into our father’s bank account and be used for his care as long as he is with us. Thanks for your patience and professionalism in helping us with this.

Denis B.
Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks Stacy and your company for first making me aware of these missing royalties. This was a whole new experience for me, and I enjoyed it, you took me by the hand and led me through the procedure of proper documents and what to do with them, making it understandable and easy! I would recommend you guys highly, it has been a pleasure.

Sandy F.
Marmora, Ontario

In early 2017 I was contacted by Investors’ Petroleum Consultants acting as agent for one of their clients who had made a generous offer to purchase my grandfather’s Royalty trusts certificates. This was a surprise to me as my grandfather, grandmother and mother, their daughter and heir, had all passed away over thirty years ago.

I was my mother’s sole heir so Investors’ and I worked together using a variety of resources to locate the paperwork required to finalize the purchase. I received the purchase price in June 2017. Now my family and I can take a few more items off our bucket list. Thank you Investors’ your support, efficiency and energy were terrific.

Roderick B.
Calgary, Alberta

It all started with a phone message. A few months ago, my step-mother came home to a message from Investors’ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. The representative was looking for my grandmother, who had died in 1978. I quickly checked out the company on the internet to assure myself that this was legitimate. My sisters and I had numerous conversations and email communications with Jane, Ashley and Stacy who were knowledgeable, informative and able to assure us about their company’s purpose; to allow the purchase of abandoned royalty trust interests and to ensure that families received payments that were suppressed and unknown to them. We appreciated the expertise that, with a relatively small amount of paperwork and fees, allowed us to claim money that had been unknowingly held for us since 1981.

Kim K.
Regina, Saskatchewan

We found Stacy very pleasant and helpful to deal with, she saved us a lot of time and stress by completing documents and taking care of details.

The ICPL group was knowledgeable and provided a valuable service to us in handling our estate situation.

Carol W.
Red Deer, Alberta

We are extremely satisfied at the manner in which IPC conducted the sale of Ms O’s mineral rights in Canada. They were obliging and helpful and timeous on all matters, what could have been a daunting task selling mineral rights in Canada from South Africa was made easy with their integrity and professionalism. All commitments and obligations were fulfilled and we were kept up to date on all matters timeously.

Jenny du T. & Patricia O.
Cape Town, South Africa